Build up your grassroots donor base, which increases your funding you recieve per hour. Your donor base will very slowly decline over time. 25 Power
Contribute to your own campaign fund from your personal finances (capital). Doing so will increase your reputation, moreso the greater you contribute. Lorem Ipsum
Rallies increase your influence in your home state. They cost less funds but more actions. $4226, 9 power
Television ads increase your influence in your home state. They costs more funds but few actions. $16903, 4 power
Making it clear to your constituents about your accomplishments in congress can increase your standing in your home state. 24 senate seniority, 4 power
Doing favors, paying for nice steak dinners and other entertainment for local elites, and other backslapping builds up home state influence, but damages your honest reputation. $4226, 4 power, +5% reputation
Policy Speeches move your political alignment toward the chosen direction. They cost 10 power and 10% state influence as your supporters become disenchanted with your flip flopping. -10 Power, -10% State influence
Running a poll will give you a detailed breakdown of your support among variety of demographics in your state and, if you are running in a statewide election, in that election. $20,267